Carrie’s Top Ten Tips When Attending the Annual NAR Convention

  1. Download the REALTORS® Convention & Expo app from the iPhone App Store or the Droid Play store. Search for NAR Annual.
  2. Add each meeting to your schedule on the NAR Annual App.
  3. Have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll miss many important learning opportunities. Consider adding your events to your smart phone calendar.
  4. Check out the Expo. Don’t get stuck at a specific booth. If you love the vendor come back. Otherwise, you might miss out on new products and services.
  5. When sitting in a business meeting or workshop silence your phone. Please!
  6. If you want to chat, please take it out of the room. Many are here to learn and it’s difficult to focus if you’re having side conversation. Yep, “I’m just saying”!
  7. Take great notes and pictures of the slides.
  8. Write down potential questions for the speaker or panel. Q&A is usually held at the end of the session.
  9. Share what you are learning on social media with the hashtag #NARannual.
  10. As much as you want to wear cute shoes, DON’T. Your feet will love you for going with the comfy shoes.


Bonus Tip: Now that you’ve learned something NEW, put a date to when you’ll implement this new idea. Share your experience with your peers and invite them to attend in 2016.

3-Time Featured Attendee

Carrie Bey-Little is an active licensed real estate broker in Illinois. As a licensee she has the privilege of being a contract trainer for Midwest Real Estate Data, one of the largest MLS companies in the U.S.

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