Parcell Brings Ties That Bind

While REALTORS® are packing and planning exactly what to bring to Orlando, one Utah REALTOR® is helping tie together professionals from across the nation with his new necktie line that will debut with multiple members throughout the conference.

In early October, Region 11 RVP Kenny Parcell (UT) secretly shipped scores of packages around the country to some of his biggest supporters to give them a sneak peak at the product. KP Ties ( includes ties named after some of your favorite NAR members and Kenny’s family and friends.

The MendenhallRumor has it that the Mendenhall is the most popular one so far, selling more than any other tie. Named for Kenny’s dear friend Elizabeth, the blue hue seems to agree with lots of buyers.

copeland_post_parcell-brings-ties-that-bind_500x500_03One of my personal favorites is the Martin, named for Florida CEO Bill Martin. Its blue, purple, and white stripes look like something you’d see on the Brooks Brothers racks, and Bill, well, he’s just the coolest guy in real estate.

copeland_post_parcell-brings-ties-that-bind_500x500_01Of course, I’d be remiss to no mention The Copeland, which I’m expecting to eclipse the Mendenhall’s sales after this hits the National Association of REALTORS® Conference & Expo. The Copeland is described by one smart reviewer as, “You wear a red tie, and everyone thinks you’re a conservative. You wear a blue tie, and everyone thinks you’re a flaming lib. The Copeland melts to two sides together in the perfect merge shade of them both, meaning you can appeal to both sides of the aisle. The pattern also tells all the people you want to influence, “Hey, y’all. I’m solid, but I still like to have a little variety and fun. Don’t rule me out.” Beyond the color and pattern, it just feels great. You’ll think, “Sheesh! Who even needs a stupid ol’ shirt. This thing feels so good on my neck, I think I’ll show off my Parcell pecs today.” Yep, this tie rocks so much more than the Sears, the Mendenhall, or any of the others. Do me and favor and just buy it!

You can always enter my code “briancopeland” when ordering to share the love. Let’s all congratulate Kenny on his new real estate and necktie venture!


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Brian Copeland is the 2017 president of Tennessee REALTORS® and the Chief Engagement Officer for Village Real Estate Services. He also runs the Nashville And Beyond Team.


  1. Great ties !!! I just bought 3 more.
    My favorites are the smaby and the brown. Thanks Kenny good work as always.

  2. Kenny, love the story behind your ties. Just bought one for my husband for Christmas. I know he’s gonna love it. Thank you!

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