Six Tips for the Convention Goer

Every year I attend the National Association of REALTORS® Conference & Expo I learn better ways to prepare. Conventions often become overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Below are my six tips that are a must for anyone attending the convention.

  1. Don’t forget your business cards. As a matter of fact, put your business cards in your luggage today, or add them to the list of items to bring. You’ll want plenty of business cards for networking and for the NAR Expo. If you run out of cards create a digital business card that can be emailed or sent via text. Or just take a photo of your last business card and send it via text.
  2. Download Evernote. Evernote is a great way to scan the business cards of people you meet. Evernote works well with grouping your scans. For example, scan your cards immediately and group them by REALTOR®, affiliates, association, etc. Then we you return back to the office send an email by group reminding them of how you met.
  3. Download the NAR Annual App prior to attending the convention. Use the My Planner section to schedule your events. Don’t miss a speaker, exhibitor, or networking opportunity. Create your My Planner account on the website by clicking here.
  4. Consider carrying a backpack. Having a backpack or a mobile office gives agents the ability to stay in touch with clients.
  5. Stay charged. Power banks or portable charges are essential at any convention. Anything over 4000 mAh will insure that your smart devices stay charged.
  6. Connect. Follow the conference speakers on social media prior to the event. Engage with exhibitors, speakers, and your network prior, during, and after the convention. A great way to engage in the conversation. Join me on social media @CarrieJLittle or the Real Estate Trainer.   And don’t miss my session, “Fundamentals of Big Data, Analytics and Data Mining.” Add it to your calendar today.


3-Time Featured Attendee

Carrie Bey-Little is an active licensed real estate broker in Illinois. As a licensee she has the privilege of being a contract trainer for Midwest Real Estate Data, one of the largest MLS companies in the U.S.

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  1. Super excited to attend the REALTOR® conference next week! Can’t wait to see all my fellow brokers networking and being friendly with our visitors to sunny Florida. You guys are gonna love the sunshine State ☀️

    D’Andrea Pelletier – broker of Follow Me Realty

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