REALTOR® University Sponsors the Expo Grand Opening

The Expo officially opens at 3pm on Friday, with music, complimentary drinks, and lots of fun courtesy of REALTOR® University.

REALTOR® University offers the MRE degree – Master of Real Estate – through a fully accredited program. It is the only advanced online education institution centered exclusively on real estate. Students take 8-week sessions and purse concentrations in one of five areas. Courses are taught by Ph.D-level instructors, and the program is completely online.

If you have your bachelor’s degree (in any field of study) why not take your learning to the next level? It’s all about raising the bar in real estate, and ultimately being able to serve our buyer and seller clients the best we can. The program is rigorous and it’s a serious commitment, but well worth the effort.

If you are thinking about the program, I will tell you that the number one concern I hear is “Where will I find the time?” This is a common worry. I found it helpful to carve out dedicated times where I devoted time slots just to my coursework. It took me two years to complete the program, and I devoted most of Sunday each week to studying. It’s possible to run a brokerage, sell real estate, and juggle family needs if you time block and plan ahead.

I was in the first graduating class in 2014, and now proudly serve on the board of regents. I’ll be at the RU booth helping out, so stop by and say hi! If anyone has questions about the program, you can see me at the booth or message me directly. I’ll be glad to help.

2-Time Featured Attendee

Erica Ramus is the broker/owner of RAMUS Realty Group in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. She was in REALTOR® University’s first graduating class to earn the MRE degree and she serves on both state and national real estate committees.

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  1. Hi Erica,

    I hope to see at the EXPO.

    I just arrived from the Philippines to attend the conference.

    thank you.

    Eleanor Liganor
    CIPS, ePRO

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