Eight Essential Apps for Traveling

For the last couple of years, I’ve produced a list of my favorite travel apps. Here is my 2016 edition!

I have stopped traveling with my laptop and began using only my iPad and iPhone to take care of business. It was very scary the first time but it worked out just fine and I never looked back. With the new iPhone6+ I find myself using my iPad less and my phone more. My over sized phone and the use of apps makes the job of doing business from the road much easier. Probably no surprises here for many of you but here is my list of eight most used apps when I’m traveling.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop – After using LogMeIn for years and years, I’ve moved to Microsoft Remote Desktop because I found it to be much quicker and easier to use plus unlike LogMeIn, Microsoft Remote Desktop is free. This app allows me to securely log in to my computer at home from my mobile devices. Although many of my files are now stored in the cloud on places like Dropbox and Evernote, Microsoft Remote Desktop lets me access programs that I can’t otherwise use while on the road without my computer. This app allows me to travel with just my iPad and mobile phone and never have to worry about accessing what I need. Although my remote desktop app is a Microsoft product, a quick search on the internet for remote desktop apps will also give you plenty of choices for Mac.
  1. Roboform – Like most of you, I have a gazillion passwords. I used to travel with a little password notebook which was a really bad idea. Today, Roboform replaces that notebook, offers double authentication and gives me secure access to my passwords. Syncing technology keeps every device up to date.
  1. Evernote – During the NAR convention many of those in attendance will use some sort of mobile technology to take notes. It interests me to see what note taking apps attendees use. Many find that the simple native app like “notes”  serves them well. I’ve tried a number of apps for note taking but as a lover of Evernote, I find it to be my favorite app to take notes and screen shots during the convention.
  1. Scannable – I am in love with Scannable, an app which allows me to scan business cards directly into my phone’s contacts. Since my CRM (Realty Juggler) will also sync with those contacts, I can automatically save the info from a business card into my CRM. This app will also bring in Linked in details including the photo. There is a field to make notes about your contact, just perfect for people you meet at the conference. Scannable also provides a nifty portable scanner for whatever you need to scan whether at the Expo or anywhere during the conference.
  1. Gate Guru – Airports aren’t my favorite places especially during a delay. A good airport app can make life a bit easier. My favorite is Gate Guru, a very useful app for the Android and iPhone that helps locate available food and shopping options within 85 selected airports. It also provides real time flight status information, including push notifications of updates.
  1. Yelp – Part of a good conference experience for me is eating good food. Despite all the new and many food apps, Yelp is still my favorite for reviews when I’m searching for a place to eat in an unfamiliar location.
  1. Uber is available in Orlando and I imagine that many conference goers will take advantage of this app for transportation. Payment is automatic through the app and fares are usually cheaper than a taxi.
  1. Official Event Mobile App – This app is a must have for convention goers. It includes your event planner, convention center maps (it’s a big place!) and the “quick list” which helps you plot the most efficient way to visit your favorite vendors after you have bookmarked them. I expect to be doing some plotting before the expo starts!

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  1. I use LiveTrekker all the time.

    I start it at the beginning of each day’s journey and save it when I’ve reached my destination,. That show how I got from city to city.

    Once I’ve arrived at my destination, I restart it when I start exploring the city.

    It works by built-in GPS, so even if you’re traveling internationally and don’t have internet access, simply follow the breadcrumb trail to return to your hotel.


  2. XpenseTracker. I’ve used it for years to keep track of travel expenses, copy receipts, and make notes of some of the places. Not only good for current accounting, but great for looking back years later.

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