More Than the City of the Mouse

Orlando is more than the “City of The Mouse”; it is also a gathering place where we get together face-to-face, share information, and see what happens. Archeologists have determined there were certain watering holes or cave sites that served this purpose many hundreds of thousands of years ago. We are hard-wired for this purpose. This face-to-face contact is especially important today, when we are inundated with so much impersonal media. How much nuance can you derive from an email? How much real character is revealed in 140 characters? I watched game seven of the World Series last night in the Hilton Conference Center bar with about 200 other REALTORS®. What could possibly be more American than game seven of the World Series and a bunch of REALTORS®? And there was so much real relating, real sharing, real personal activity going on.

A critical component of the REALTOR® business model is that we cooperate and share information with our competitors. Situations like watching that game, and especially being at this conference, allows us to establish these bonds in ways that other communication alternatives cannot fulfill. If you have never been to one of these events, please do this for yourself—you will meet so many interesting people and hear so many interesting ideas. Expand your horizons!

First-Time Featured Attendee

Raphael Barta is an associate broker for Century 21® Riverstone in Sandpoint, Idaho. His real estate practice is focused on commercial and investment properties, and development representation.

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