What Do You Do with All the Business Cards?

As a first-time attendee you might become overwhelmed with the amount of people you meet, and one thing is for sure, your purse or bag will be heavier with all the business cards you collect over the REALTORS® Conference & Expo. For those of you who have the business card apps that scan and take a picture of the information that is great, but I myself have to get a physical card from someone. I have tested out CamCard and other apps in the past, and while they are great they didn’t remind me of the way I needed to reach out to connect. To each their own I say, but one thing I enjoy about going to conferences is the great people I get to meet and hearing their stories.

While at the REALTORS® Conference, I take some quiet time in the morning to write handwritten letters to the people I met that day. So for the first day I have four letters to write, and I’m sure the number of cards will increase every day this week. Bringing my notecards and roll of stamps from home, I write everyone a note. When you write the note make sure to include something that provides a point of reference like: “I met you at the luncheon,” or “It was wonderful to talk to you in the lobby with so and so.” I also put my business card inside the note so they can have a face to connect the name. Now, if you don’t look at all like your business card you may want to skip the business card, or better yet update your business card and send the new one.

In addition to the handwritten card I also look to connect with them on social media. I love all social media (I run three different Instagram accounts, two Twitter accounts, and have several Facebook pages I’m an admin and contributor for), but for these new connections I always go to Facebook for the connection and send a friend request. This allows me to stay in contact with them, and if they’re a regular Facebook poster it gives me content to reach out to them about throughout the year.

After one of my first conferences I came home and had cards waiting for me, and it made me feel like I had several new friends. I want to give to the people I meet that same feeling. I challenge you to try to have a meaningful conversation with at least three people a day, and the notes we all hate to write will write themselves because you will feel connected in a way that makes you want to keep the dialogue open. By the way, meaningful does not mean it has to be long. Just really listen when people are talking, make eye contact, and smile. It will do wonders on how you feel as you go through the conference.

Most importantly, I would say while attending the conference HAVE FUN! Meet new people, and make sure you make time everyday to reflect on the day. Writing these notes are my time for reflection on what happened over my day, and for setting the goals on what I would like to accomplish the next day. I also took some time to read today. I’m reading “Outrageous Authenticity: You Are Your Best Sales Weapon” by fellow REALTOR® Leigh Brown.

The REALTORS® Conference can be overwhelming, whether you’re a new attendee or a multi-year participant, but it’s important to take time to really appreciate the gift of being here and being surrounded by some of the greatest minds in our industry. Make sure you find a way to be stay connected and really absorb what’s going on around you.

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First-Time Featured Attendee

Believing that being involved is the best way to succeed, Crystal began her leadership path only two years in the business by being nominated and elected to serve on the board as a director. From that experience Crystal was admitted into her state leadership program and served two years on the state board of directors.

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