An awesome sound system and multiple big screens made for compelling presentation of the night's agenda

Attending the Inaugural Gala

Attending the Inaugural Gala was a very special event.

One thing about REALTORS®—they have heart!

The evening began with a stirring tribute to our service men and first responders, then culminated with a pledge of allegiance while a giant American flag waved against a sprawling letterbox screen on the stage. All I can say is you had to be there!

Masters of Ceremony Mabel Guzman and Kevin Spears added dignity, style, and a little light-hearted comedy to the event. They nailed it! After a wonderful meal served deftly by an army of hotel staffers, the official business of the evening began.

Leadership was sworn in and liaisons were introduced, but the highlights of the evening centered on Bill Brown. A short film told the story of how his parents instilled values of hard work, integrity and fairness in both Bill and his younger brother Kevin. It was well-produced and one could feel the power of Bill’s love for family and his parents.

Bill’s brother Kevin Brown shared stories of growing up with Bill, which again revealed insights into the values they grew up with as well as a funny story or two to the delight of the audience. Bill’s wife then did the formal inaugural duties, swearing Bill in as president with love and a tender tribute to Bill’s mother, who she said would have been so proud had she lived to see this day.

The best part of the evening was the man himself, Bill Brown. He gave rousing remarks to a full house anxious to hear him. Speaking of his dedication to the power of the REALTOR® agenda of protecting private property rights, he laid out a vision for his term that was simple and clear. Some of his touch points included preserving mortgage interest deduction, 1031 exchanges, and helping REALTOR® members learn more about investing for their own account and retirement. His remarks were well received by a room filled with NAR’s best.

All in all I left feeling energized by the evening and extremely confident in our leadership for 2017!

Leaders are sworn in for their 2017 term
Leaders are sworn in for their 2017 term
The evening played to a full house of the best of NAR's leadership
The evening played to a full house of the best of NAR’s leadership
Kevin Sears and Mabel Guzman were tops as co-MCs of the evening
Kevin Sears and Mabel Guzman were tops as co-MCs of the evening

4-Time Featured Attendee

Alex Ruggieri serves as a senior investment adviser for Sperry Van Ness, specializing in the sale of investment properties in Champaign-Urbana and Central Illinois.

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