The CQ Advantage! A New Way to Engage the Conversation Around Diversity!

Have you ever had the experience of having a conversation with someone and walking away wondering if they heard you, or where you spent the entire time thinking about a clever response rather than listening? I think we’ve all been there and done that, and it’s always unfulfilling.

Truly stimulating conversation happens when we listen and respond to what someone is saying. And lay down lazy assumptions about who we think people are. This requires focus, and the capacity to appreciate the power of ‘the difference’.

Cultural intelligence can be defined as the capacity to adjust and adapt across differences. It has emerged as leading form of practical intelligence in an era where global effectiveness requires us to be effective adapters in situations or with people whose way of life or thinking may not be familiar to us.

Globalization, technology, and the long tail have decimated false notions about the supposed homogeneous nature of many of our familiar cultural assumptions. The truth is that difference is the norm.

There are four unique capacities which the academically validated Cultural Intelligence Assessment test measures. These are broadly defined as:

  1. Drive – an individuals’ extrinsic and intrinsic motivation to benefit from culturally diverse encounters
  2. Strategy – the ability to plan and respond appropriately to diverse situations
  3. Knowledge – understanding of social linguistics, cultural and business norms
  4. Action – the ability to facilitate effective engagement in situations which don’t automatically pattern map around norms that are familiar to us

One recent study indicates that real estate professionals with higher scores on the CQ Assessment in the areas of drive and action are more effective salespersons and communicators. They are also more likely to be more effective in turning prospects into great clients.

Did you know that the average international transaction in the United States is more than double the average domestic transaction? And that half of these transactions are in cash! A lack of cultural intelligence may be costing you real money. Last year, international transactions accounted for over 103 BILLION dollars in residential sales! And these numbers are expected to continue to increase.

We’ll be talking about the CQ Advantage on Saturday at 1:30pm – 2:30pm. Cultural intelligence can be enhanced and improved through a developmental approach which creates proven strategies to improve your capacity to be effective in unfamiliar situations. You’re invited to join us in Room W414 to increase your understanding about how cultural intelligence can facilitate a unique competitive advantage for your life and business.

5-Time Featured Attendee

Lola is a first generation American. During the past 20 years as a REALTOR® and broker, she has had the pleasure of providing professional guidance during real estate transactions for people from all over the globe.

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