Re-Thinking Revolution!

Revolution. It is a strong word and one which conjures a plethora of imagery and emotion. It was a revolution hundreds of years ago which launched the nation we now know as America, and as we prepare to vote for our next president, millions of Americans will enjoy the right and privilege of voting for the leader of the most powerful nation on earth as an outcome of that revolution.

So when the word “revolution” was mentioned with regards to incoming NAR President Bill Brown’s agenda during a gathering of 2017 leadership, my ears perked to attention. Organizations and associations (particularly large ones) don’t throw words like that around lightly. After all, much is vested in the “status quo.”

Yet revolution is indeed what incoming NAR President Bill Brown intends to ignite this year. As NAR Vice-President Elizabeth Mendenhall spoke to the gathering of leaders, she defined Bill’s style of leadership as “visionary, compassionate, and revolutionary;” a little at odds with the traditional way of thinking about revolution.

However, one way to define revolution is a change to a system of governance. When that change brings about greater good, revolution is a worthy goal to strive for. As our industry continues to adapt to challenges and paradigm shifts in technology and government regulation, we are also dealing with significant societal and demographic transitions which create different sets of issues.

During the Leadership Session, I was struck by this statistic: at least 35% of REALTORS® do not own their own homes. This, coupled with significant numbers of individuals and families who are not covered by reliable insurance, speaks to the fact that on the home front, revolution is necessary to impact the lives of our members in a positive way. So I’m glad that this powerful word is on the docket this year.

As the chair of the Broker Ideas Exchange Council for 2017, I welcome conversations re-thinking our assumptions about how things are or will continue to be. In addition, the council encourages discussions around emerging issues and great ideas. You are invited to join the Broker Ideas Exchange Council for an open meeting today at 11:00am.

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Lola is a first generation American. During the past 20 years as a REALTOR® and broker, she has had the pleasure of providing professional guidance during real estate transactions for people from all over the globe.

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