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The NAR 360 session highlights key issues of the association and the industry and also identifies the must attend meetings during the week.

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  1. Truly a WOW!. This has been the best 1 hr & 14 minutes I have had in over a year. I am a hard core male vet which will never be seen crying but I have to break down and admit that I teared up 6 times. Watching everything that our involvement in the NAR Relief Foundation, and all of the others we help was very sobering for me. Going into what all that RPAC is involved in, really opened my eyes and makes me feel very embarrassed for only donating the minimum amount that I have done in the past. Thank you for having this online for my pleasure. NAR is one CLASS ACT organization and I am very proud to be a part of it for 15 years. Keep up the great work. Thanks Again. Stan Pennington on Oklahoma City

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