Emily Line of PRP shares the power of the app with commercial practitioners.

The Big Red R

I am a commercial guy and have been strictly commercial for almost 25 years. One of the things that attracted me to become more involved with NAR is how they have evolved over the years.

It seems like NAR was mostly residentially based from its inception. That’s understandable given that the vast majority of their constituency are agents who practice residential exclusively. Still, we as commercial practitioners felt a bit left out. However, that has changed over the years.

NAR has been making major strides in addressing the needs of commercial agents and really does have a solid value proposition for the commercial practitioner. In the Commercial Committee meeting we heard reports from members about all of the initiatives, programs, and tools NAR is providing for commercial agents. For instance the popular RPR program has had a feature added to allow filtering data to single out commercial transactions. This is also a feature of the RPR phone app which allows one to search vast amounts of commercial property data anywhere you have access to our phone. Powerful! Did I mention that this was all available free as an NAR member?

Great stuff happening in commercial. Thanks, NAR!


The Big Red R for Commercial
The Big Red R for Commercial

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Alex Ruggieri serves as a senior investment adviser for Sperry Van Ness, specializing in the sale of investment properties in Champaign-Urbana and Central Illinois.

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