Inspired by General Colin Powell

So far in this conference, listening to retired General Colin Powell is my biggest highlight and my biggest “ah ha” moment. As I sat there listening I realized this distinguished gentleman in half an hour put me through every emotion—from happiness to sadness, from inspired to discouraged—and he did even more than that. He said one thing that grabbed my attention more than anything else this week at #NARAnnual. He recounted his days of early enlistment where a drill sergeant explained to him that “A great leader is one whose followers choose to follow them out of nothing more than curiosity.” In other words, they have so much faith in one’s leadership they will follow one through darkness, into battle, or even very uncertain circumstances.

Our journey as independent, unemployed contractors (aka REALTORS®) is just that. We risk everything up front hoping for a return in the end on our invested time and resources. We give back to our industry 10 fold to better it for those yet to come. We live on call 24/7 as trusted counselors to our clients, friends, and family members, whether or not they use our services. This is our “Why.” This is my “Why.”

In my first decade as a, REALTOR® I struggled with my “Why.” I set goals that I met, broke, and raised the bar higher. Each time I achieved the new goal, whether it was number of transactions, volume of properties sold, or even gross commission earned, it never satisfied me. It wasn’t until I started giving back to this amazing industry that I felt at peace. There is an infinite number of ways to do so. I choose to mentor, speak, and volunteer at the local, state, and national levels. Most of the time I pay my own way to leave the reimbursement account balances for those who need it more than I. This has become my “Why”!

Someday I hope to have followers who choose to follow me out of plain curiosity like so many amazing leaders in my REALTOR® family. Thank you to my broker, Elizabeth Mendenhall, for getting me involved years ago! I will follow you just out of plain curiosity.



3-Time Featured Attendee

Sean is a REALTOR® at RE/MAX Boone Realty and is the vice chair of Advocacy for the Missouri REALTORS®.

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