Pictured left to right: Renee Smith, Parks Title; Katie Weaver, Real Living Kee Realty; Christopher Ayers and James Cristbrook, Shain Park REALTORS®.

Meet “Cobalt REALTOR® Blue”

On Saturday, members of Michigan’s Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® headed two hours from the conference to Williston, Florida to Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs to make a major difference in a U.S. Veteran’s life.

GMAR’s second annual “Give Thanks” fundraiser to benefit those who have served our country in the armed forces is scheduled for November 18th.

“With 20-22 suicides per day and a divorce rate of 90% among veterans with PTSD, we felt called to get involved. The numbers drop to 0 in both scenarios when a veteran is paired with a service dog. These are not therapy dogs. They are actual certified service dogs that can detect invisible disabilities,” said James Cristbrook, GMAR Director and Committee Liaison.

GMAR is in the process of raising about $25,000 to fully train and place a dog with a Michigan veteran.

The GMAR members initially only went to the farm for a visit and to see the program firsthand. While touring the farm they saw many dogs that are waiting to be paired. Then they came upon this beautiful male blue German Shepard puppy named Cobalt. The blue comes from the color of the coat, especially when the pup is first born.

“We instantly fell in love and knew that this puppy was for us and our Michigan veteran. As luck would have it, the puppy was not yet paired. We’ve named him ‘Cobalt REALTOR® Blue.’ He was already named Cobalt when we met him and that can’t be changed, but how perfect? REALTOR® Blue!” said Katie Weaver, Chair of GMAR’s Member Engagement Committee.

GMAR has committed to fully fund this dog and work with Guardian Angels throughout the entire training and pairing process. Carol Borden, the founder and president of Guardian Angels, will be speaking at GMAR’S Gives Thanks party on November 18th in Detroit where the association plans to raise more funds toward this project.


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Maureen is a proud 2015 graduate of the NAR Leadership Academy, Past President of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®, and a director of both Michigan REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.


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