An Outing with the Smart Growth Advisory Board

I was invited to attend Advisory Board meeting to give an update on the SG21 class and its update. One of the things I really enjoy about conventions is the serendipitous opportunities. Carol Platt and Cheryl Grieb were there and they had an extra ticket to an event in Celebration, a town built on Disney-owned land. It was master planned using New Urbanism principles and is a wonderful demonstration of the benefits of such planning. The town of Celebration is a thriving, vibrant place to live, work and play. Carol Platt is the Association Executive at Osceola County association of REALTORS® and Cheryl Grieb is a REALTOR® and County Commissioner.


5-Time Featured Attendee

John Rosshirt is a residential broker and part owner of Stanberry & Associates REALTORS®.

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