Chad Curry Talks Internet of Things, WELL Building Standards

Chad Curry, Managing Director of NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Technology (CRT), patrols the collapsing boundaries between commercial building controls and the same internet we use for Facebook updates. Curry’s Chicago-based CRT Labs is jam-packed with software and hardware research and testing projects, and it gives a glimpse into a future where buildings add value by knowing more about their surfaces, windows, passageways, and tenants.

Curry talked about the new ecosystem of live data measuring building performance now flowing from inexpensive, new-generation sensors that communicate to building owners and managers over the internet. These devices report on an ever-widening number of statistics, including temperature, foot traffic, and even the freshness of air, as measured by taking readings of the CO2 gas levels in targeted rooms.

These devices are taking on a growing number of functions: reading the exterior temperature of buildings, allowing the plant operations to shift the HVAC to where it’s most needed, or identifying headcounts and light levels to fine-tune energy expenditures in zones are only two examples. From his lab, Curry reports the internet of things is coming to commercial real estate in a big way. To keep an eye on this giant set of changes, click over to and keep up with the Bits & Bytes blog.


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