Disruption is Not a Dirty Word

Kicking off the panel of innovative new technology companies operating in the commercial real estate space was RPR VP Emily Line, who introduced Turner Levison of CommissionTrac, Vishu Ramanathan of Buildout, and Sanjay Kuttemperoor of WikiRealty.

Disruption is a word we see used all the time, but the panel decided to define it in different ways.

Turner Levison, whose CommissionTrac helps brokers with transparency and faster payment, saw disruption as “giving an enterprise solution previously only available to the biggest of the big” to groups numbering in the hundreds.

Vishu Ramanathan who heads up Buildout, a marketing platform especially for CRE brokers, said true disruption occurs when “you get everybody in the ecosystem sharing their information and putting it out there.”


Sanjay Kuttemperoor’s WikiRealty is based on the premise that hyperlocal, granular information about neighborhoods married with listing data helps clients with site selection. His definition of disruption was “something that completely changes the market.”

Levison added one result of disruption: “From 1955 to 2005, only 15% of the Fortune 500 are still there. From 2000 to 2015 there’s less than half.”

Even though perspectives and offerings differed, all the panelists agreed: change happens, whether you fear it or you don’t.

Conference Live 2016