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Every year while visiting the Expo, I’m always sure to look for first-time exhibitors who bring new ideas to the marketplace. Although the idea of a virtual receptionist is not a new idea, “Ruby” joins the ranks of best new exhibitors, and they did this with one of the smallest sized expo booths on the floor, proving when it comes to salesmanship bigger isn’t always better.

I considered writing a post about the most annoying exhibitors at the Expo, but instead decided to keep my topic cheerful and write about one of the best. As a frequent NAR Expo attendee, I wish every exhibitor would consider what I would now call “The Ruby Model.” Although simple, their booth was so welcoming in design that I stopped and happily listened to what they had to offer. I’ll admit their magnificent orchid helped lure me in. The “Rubys” at the booth were delightful to talk to with just the right sense of humor. They got to the point, and explained their product quickly without being pushy. There was no fast talk or canned dialogue. I liked that their pricing was front and center in their brochure. They had no flashing lights or glitzy decorations. I don’t even remember if they handed out a giveaway, but their brochure did make the cut into my suitcase. That brochure speaks of making a positive first impression, and they certainly made one heck of a positive first impression on me. I think of my visit as a great lesson about marketing and salesmanship that easily relates to real estate. I have no doubt they offer a wonderful customer experience.

Ruby is a virtual receptionist allowing an individual, a team, or a company the ability to have a live professional receptionist answering the phone at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee. They use technology to enhance their service. Their brochure explains they are never sick, late, or on vacation and that “Every call is a customer waiting to happen.” You can learn more about them by visiting their website at

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Linda Davis has sold real estate in Ledyard, Connecticut, for over 35 years. She is active in her local board of REALTORS® and in her community, where she serves as an elected official, holding the office of deputy mayor and chairman of the Ledyard Town Council.

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