Smart Growth: What Is It?

“Smart Growth,” as our association engages in it, is about good design, economic vitality, and a healthy environment. I love the topic and love teaching NAR’s class because the answers are not simple, and the best path to smart growth for any location is unique to that town, city, or county.

The picture here is from an exercise I do at the start of a class, this one from the conference class I taught on Thursday, it opens the mind to what is your favorite place and what are the qualities appreciated in a group of people.


What does your area appreciate? It is often the clue to what to enhance in your area to end up with a vital desirable place to live. One of the myths is that Smart Growth is only for large cities. Not the case. In fact most of the classes I taught this year have been in smaller towns and more rural counties. NAR has done a great thing by offering grants to bring trained instructors to local associations to engage its members and community in this topic that has long range positive impacts. Get a course scheduled for your area soon!

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John Rosshirt is a residential broker and part owner of Stanberry & Associates REALTORS®.

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