The Hottest Tools in REALTOR® Tech

If you missed the REach® Teachnology Accelerator stop by the expo to learn more about the Hottest New Technology Companies of 2016. This session featured the latest in technology for the real estate industry. Each new tool was given a few minutes to share about the tool, the REALTOR® benefit and how it would benefit the consumer. Below is a snapshot of what’s new for our industry.

Zenergyst – Web based product that levels the playing field for the small brokers. The Essential features for this tool are lead Capture, Drip marketing, CRM, Transaction Management, Signatures, compliance Storage, and keeping the relationship alive. One place to manage your business. A system of Broker Controls, Consumer dashboard that allows a way to engage with the client during the transaction. Integrates with the tools you currently use for a nominal monthly fee.

Homeselfe – Use this tool to leverage technology and determine the energy efficiency of a home. Provides rich content to share with your sphere of influence. This is extremely important for the Green buyer.

flipt – This tool helps agents do more listings over 1700% increase in commission. A predictive marketing tool that’s easy to use. Their focus is providing high quality listing leads. These are the home owners that are likely to list.

VALoanCaptain – This company was started by Grant who wanted to provide returning veterans with a simple and unbiased way to educate veterans on the VA Home Loan Program. The one stop shot for the Veteran.

homediary – A floor plan online company – homediary is a private diary can be as inexpensive as $5 bucks. A tool to keep the history of the home. This tool helps the home owner track updates, store maintenance records and log your paint colors.

3-Time Featured Attendee

Carrie Bey-Little is an active licensed real estate broker in Illinois. As a licensee she has the privilege of being a contract trainer for Midwest Real Estate Data, one of the largest MLS companies in the U.S.

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